DRACE Digital Radio Cultures in Europe
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There are thousands of radio websites, but not so many sites oriented more or less exclusively to radio research. We list some of them here.

The Radio Research Section of ECREA; the European Communication Research and Education Association.

The International Radio Research Network (IREN) is an EU-funded organization that catalogues radio research and furthers cooperation and sharing of resources in European radio research at large.

The Radio Studies Network is a British organisation of radio researchers, with a global net of contacts in all fields of radio activity, from journalism to electronics to research.

The EBU Radio Department is the European Broadcasting Union's radio website, which contains a range of activities related to exchange of  programmes, management and new media developments. 

Intermedia is a research project that deals with continuity and change in the development of Finnish media. This multidisciplinary project is coordinated at the University of Tampere, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication.

DRACE Digital Radio Cultures in Europe
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